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When constructing a building, anywhere in the world, you will require the expertise of a professional licenced architect. It is the same in Thailand and laws and regulations stipulate that professional drawings must be created by a licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer. There are various levels of license of architect and engineer, according to their expertise and qualifications. As architects in Bangkok, we are able to design houses, all over Thailand.

Architects and engineers in Thailand go to university, the same as in Europe and have to study for many years to become one. Architecture is complex and requires professionalism and expertise, as well as creativity.

Many clients are seeking to build a house in Thailand and our architects have helped many realize their dreams. We have designed many sizes of home and many different styles. This includes European, Mediterranean, Italian, ranch, Balinese, Thai traditional, contemporary Thai, Lanna, French Chateau, modern minimalist and others. We also carry out condominium design, factory design and other buildings.

Looking for a Bangkok architect, then do not hesitate to contact us. Thailand architects are ready to help you.

Thailand Architects Complete Architectural Drawings for a Luxury Thai Style Villa in Rayong


Thailand architects were asked by a Thai client and her English husband to assist them with all architects drawings for their new home in Rayong, Thailand. They informed us, that they chose us after talking to several architects in Bangkok, as we were a Bangkok architect, that offered value for money and were provided to work with them until they reached their final goal of what they wanted. The clients were looking for a lovely family home, taking advantage of Thailand’s good weather, plenty of outside space and all modern internal luxury features. The villa was to have full security systems, smart home automation with attention paid to energy saving technology where possible.

The luxury contemporary, Thai style villa, was to include: 6 bedrooms with En suite spa bathrooms, living room, dining room,  office, home cinema, fitness/gym, maids rooms, security guards rooms, tropical lagoon style swimming pool with waterfall, Jacuzzi, Koi Carp fish ponds, Garage and Sala. With a total area of over 1200 sq.m, it provides plenty of scope to create something special for them with all their requirements included.

Once again we would like to thank our clients for choosing Thailand Architects to design their home. Please contact us if you would like a Thai architect to help you design your house in Thailand.

Bangkok Architect

We are a team of professional architects in Bangkok, providing a comprehensive architectural service in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. We are here to assist you with your architectural requirements. Thailand is the web site to display some of our architectural designs, give information on what we do and contact details. We speak Thai and English.

Our head architect is Yos Kangvankiattichai, who has been designing property for over 15 years. Together we have designed many houses, villas and property throughout Thailand and also internationally. Many of our clients live in Thailand and others work overseas. We can assist from the start of the architectural process, right the way through to the final detailed construction drawings. All signed off by our professional licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer. If you would like our help and looking for a Bangkok architect, please do not hesitate to contact Thailand


Our Chiang Mai Architect ‘Khun Mac’ Designs Traditional Style Thai Villa – Thailand Architects. Khun Mac has worked with us for 15 years and helped many of our clients over the years.



Thailand Architects were asked to provide the full architectural design for a house in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. The client wanted it to be in a traditional Thai style with modern facilities. Its overall size was 698 sq.m and included: 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living area, terraces, balconies, exercise area, maids’ room, kitchen, Thai kitchen, Jacuzzi, ponds, carport, motorcycle area and storage.

Specialist 3D renders were not requested so our standard 3D perspectives were satisfactory for the client (as seen here). We provide as standard within our architectural fees, 3D perspectives, to give the client an idea of how the home will look. If more detailed, artistic quality renders are required, Thailand architects can also provide this for an additional fee.

Thailand architects are here to assist you if you are looking for a professional Thai architect to help you with your project. We have our Chiang Mai architect Veeravit Vongkwo (Khun Mac) who has worked with us for 15 years and assisted many people with the architectural drawings for their homes, villas and projects. One of his architectural designs went on to win the Condé Nast Hottest boutique hotel award in SE Asia. If you are in other parts of Thailand, we can also assist and have done so many times for clients living in lots of different parts of Thailand. If you seek a Bangkok architect, we have our architects in Bangkok too. Our projects have included areas such as Bangkok, Hua Hin, Surin, Pattaya, Kanchanaburi, Prachinburi,  Ubon Ratchathani,  Udon Thani, Chiang Mai, Rayong, Samut Prakan, Phuket and many other locations. You may contact us by clicking here. We welcome your enquiry.