Thailand Architects moving ahead very well on The Luxury Mediterranean Villa in Pattaya.

Thailand Architects continues to work on their new clients home. We were awarded the new contract to design a luxurious, Mediterranean villa at The Eastern Star Golf Resort in Rayong. The client is extremely happy with the progress and development of the design. The preliminary design stage continues with final adjustments and development. Once completed and confirmed by the client, we will then move onto the construction detail stages.

Client Was Looking for a Bangkok Architect To Design Their Modern House in Hua Hin. Thailand Architects Awarded The Project.

We were approached by an engineer and his wife, who were looking for a Bangkok architect, who could help them design their dream home in Hua Hin, Thailand. After meetings and discussions, our architect was awarded the project.  The client was looking for something unique and different. They wanted a modern house, with plenty of glass, giving them lots of light and views from the top levels. Thailand architects were overjoyed with the results and enjoyed working with the client.

Due to the unusual shape of the land and its size, we designed the home to blend with this. The house was to be built with 4 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, roof seating area, verandahs, living area, kitchen, swimming pool and sun deck. Our architect spent many months developing the architectural design with the client and the house is now under construction. If you are looking for an architect in Thailand, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Thailand architect – What are the main stages of architectural design drawings ?

The Main Stages of Architectural Drawings

Depending on how it is explained most architects would agree there are perhaps five to six stages in architectural design. Sometimes Conceptual Design is considered a separate stage to Schematic but they are kind of one of the same, as both effect each other. If you group all stages, then it could perhaps be said there are two main ones, which are the schematic design (sometimes referred to as the preliminary design) and construction drawings. Within this there is of course design development. Some of the stages are not always included as part of the architects scope of work, so this is all considered and agreed upon before architectural works begin.

Please note: Unless specifically requested from the start of communications with Thailand architects, we quote for the first three stages. This is because many of our clients do not require us to be involved in the construction budding or construction stages.

  1. Schematic Design & Conceptual Design
  2. Design Development.
  3. Construction Drawings, Detail and Documents.
  4. Construction Bidding.
  5. Construction Admin.

For example, quite often in single house design and build in Thailand, the architect is not involved in construction bidding and construction administration, unless requested specifically by the client. The architect can be involved if requested but in many cases, the client will find their own construction contractor and deal with this directly themselves.

Thailand architects have helped clients with construction and do get asked to do the complete service of design and build. We are flexible and like to assist you the client as much as we can. So if it is something we get asked for, we do our best to help you.

Schematic Design & Conceptual Design: This is can be referred to as the preliminary design stage. It is where having gathered all the information from the client, with regards to the land plot and all requirements, the architect creates the first architectural drawings which include the master plan, floor plans and onto elevations and perspectives. The house concept is created.

It is during this stage, the general scope and conceptual design of the project, including scale and relationships between building components. At the end of the schematic design phase the architect will present perspectives for the client’s approval.

Design Development: The design development stage is where the buildings rooms, areas, appearance and details of a project are developed, prior to the finalization of the project in Construction Documents. At Schematic Design, the spaces are examined at a whole building level. The client receives drafts and can of course comment, make changes and requests.

Construction Drawings, Detail and Documents: The construction drawings stage is carried out after the previous two stages are completed and the client is satisfied with the design. It is where various professionals, such as architect, engineer, electrical engineer, sanitary engineer and any other required personnel, carried out the detailed technical drawings of all aspects of the project. This will include architectural detail, structural, engineering, electrical, mechanical, sanitary/plumbing, systems and all required detail for the construction drawings. At the end of the stage and all payments are made the Thai architect will also supply any license documents and required for the application for permissions to build; in addition, to signing off all construction drawings.

Once everything is completed, then the client receives all drawings and can apply for permissions to build and engage the construction contractor to help them build the property.

If the client at the start of the project asked the architect to help them with a BOQ (bill of Quantity), help building the property, and/or supervise the project then this will continue on. But these details must be discussed at the start as often in Thailand, this is not the case or necessarily required for single house construction. So iron out all these details at the start.

If you are looking for a Bangkok architect, or an architect anywhere in Thailand, please send us an email. We are happy to help.

Building a House in Thailand- Thailand

If you have land and want to build a house in Thailand, there are several important points to know and follow.

Land Boundary and Title Deed Survey by Local Authority
Thailand Architects advises all clients to have their land surveyed by the local land office or government authority. This is to make sure boundary markers are in the correct location and to avoid any boundary disputes with neighbors once construction works begin. It is inexpensive and can be requested easily at the local authoritative office.

Earth Fill
If your land is not at road level, or below neighboring land levels, it may need to be earth filled, with consideration for the neighbors land levels, so you do not deposit your water runoff into their land. This should be done in advance of any construction works, if required.

Topographic Survey
If your land is not flat, has contours, is sloped, has varying levels, has existing buildings, large objects and/or service structures, you may need to have a topographic survey carried out.

Soil Test Survey

All clients who are carrying out the construction of a building on a piece of land must have a soil test survey done. Thailand Architects can facilitate this. It is vital, so the structural engineer has the information to know the depth of piles into the ground and to calculate structural load. It is very important so your structure is designed and built correctly, so it is safe and has the correct integrity. Not having a professional soil test can result in very costly problems with subsidence, structural cracks and in the worst cases structural failure. So you must have a soil test survey done. Please contact our architectural team for a soil test survey.

The Architect & Architects Drawings
Before any accurate cost is known and before any building works can begin, you must have carried out professional architectural drawings with a licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer. Thailand architects has been helping clients for many years and designed many styles and sizes of houses. Once all the required information is collected from you in reference to the house and land, then it takes about 7 working days to create what is called the architects job description. This is a word document that clarifies the approximate areas of the home and rooms, the approximate projected cost and all the works (drawings etc) that you will receive for the fee paid. Plus the payment schedule.

The architect bases the house areas on your land measurements, the information you provide, your requirements and what are reasonable sizes for the various rooms based on industry standards and on their experience. From that, they calculate a rough approximate projected cost. It is only a rough approximate projected cost, as no one can know cost until all architects drawings are completed and contractors tender for the project. But it is a good guide.

If you do go ahead at the end you will receive all you require to then apply for permissions to build and then give the drawings to the builders to quote and build. All drawings are signed by both licenced Thai architect and licensed Thai engineer and include all master plan, floor plans, elevations, perspectives. In addition to all detailed drawings such as architectural, structural, mechanical, engineering, electrical and sanitary/plumbing. The process can take many months so do plan with plenty of time.

Professional Construction Contractor
One of the most important ingredients of building a house in Thailand, other than a professional licenced architect, is the construction contractor. It is so important to make sure your builder is professional, has experience and a good reputation. There are many aspects in a construction project that can go wrong, which can cause terrible delays and also additional costs. So a professional, experienced construction contractor is imperative. ‘Cheap quotations to build’, often means exactly that and providing low quotes, is one way to obtain a project, but it may not be the correct price, leaving the contractor unable to finish the project. Or lack of experience, low ideas of quality and having multiple projects are all factors that can cause you problems. A good professional builder can make all the difference, so take your time and chose the correct one. To build a house in Thailand, on average, takes anywhere from 9 -14 months to build with very large, complex ones maybe taking 18 months.

Costs vary according to the final architect’s drawings, specifications and materials. So asking for cost before you know all this is purely guess work and must not be considered accurate. The only correct way to know exact accurate costs is to have finished architects drawings. If you are seeking the help of a professional Bangkok architect or an architect in Thailand for your project in other parts of Thailand, please co not hesitate to contact us.

Thailand Architects Awarded Architectural Design Contract For 1290 sq.m Luxury, Italian Palazzo Villa in Udon Thani, Thailand.


Thailand architects were contacted by an overseas client and his Thai wife. They were talking to various architects to decide who could work with them on their retirement villa, in Udon Thani, Thailand. The client wanted to work with a Bangkok architect, as he worked overseas and it would be convenient for him, if a meeting was required, it could be in Bangkok. He was an engineer so was seeking a high level of professionalism, which he was used to working in the international construction industry.
Thailand architects were very pleased to be awarded the architectural design and worked with the client, via email over many months. The end result was a 1,290 sq.m luxury, Italian Palazzo villa. Features and rooms included: Master bedroom with walk in wardrobes, dressing room and en-suite bathroom, three guest bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast area, entrance hall, gallery, courtyard, workshop/modeling room, family room, indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sun deck and barbecue area.
The client was so impressed with our architectural design, he wrote us a wonderful testimonial you can read below:
“So far the service I have received is second to none. You are most certainly the best and most professional architectural company in Thailand for luxury home design. And, in a time to come, what is on the drawing board now will become a reality. I will allow pictures of the finished property and the exerts from the plans and perspectives to be displayed at your site, to just show how dream homes like this can become very real indeed.”
If you are looking for a Thailand architect, or a Bangkok architect, we are here to help. Please contact Thailand architects. We are excited to hear from you.