Thai Architect

A Thai architect like any architect in the world is a person trained and knowledgeable in the area of planning, design and creation of the technical plans of a building. Among many things they create the form, the function, details and look of a building. In Thailand a Thai architect attends university for 5 years and learns the complete scope of the design and architecture of buildings. They are licenced to enable them to work within the field of construction and they produce architectural drawings for all types of property such as houses, factories, resorts, hotels, condominiums and structures. It is the Thai architect who creates the design, concepts and detailed drawings to enable the construction contractor to build the property.

The more experienced the Thai architect is, the more skilled they can become allowing them to develop ideas and improve on designs. Architects fees vary according to license level, complexity of the design, overall construction cost, the scope of their works and of course their skill and experience. If you are building in Thailand you will need the services of the Thai architect to assist you in creating what you require. In addition, planning and construction permissions are required by law and it is vital to have the licenced Thai architect create your plans and provide their license details.

In many instances it is the Thai architect who heads the process and will bring in engineers and other specialists to assist. The Thai engineer is also vital and will work with the Thai architect to develop the structural and engineering calculations/drawings of the building; conforming to construction needs, local laws and regulations. A finished set of architectural plans will include all architectural and construction drawings with electrical, plumbing, mechanical, structural and any required elements that make up the finished set. At the end of the process you will receive multiple copies in paper format and if requested AutoCAD format too. The paper format will be signed by both the licenced Thai architect and the licenced Thai engineer.

The process is structured and the Thai architect will guide you throughout. You will start with master plans, floor plans, elevations and perspectives and once finalised, move onto full technical detailed drawings. These will include all the layout, detailed elevations and perspectives, electrical, plumbing, structural, engineering, measurement details, material choices and all plans required to construct the building. The process can take normally anywhere from 8-24 weeks, much depending on the size and complexity of the project. Larger development projects can obviously take even longer. This is all discussed at the start with the architect.

If you are beginning a construction project you will require architectural service; so why not start by contacting the Thai architect.

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