Thai architects and Their Role

Many of us rarely use or in fact never use the services of an architect. Predominantly that is due to the fact in many Western countries and in fact also in Asia too, we buy an old home and remodel it, or buy a new home. Very few of us due to the cost and restrictions of land, ever build our own home. So we simply never have any need for an architect. Some of us know very little about their job, what they do and how important they are to the construction process and also for our society as a whole.

In Thailand it is possible to design and build your own home. Currently costs are lower in construction than in Europe so it is a viable option.  In addition if you take good advice it can be possible to have a home that is worth more than you paid for it.  Much depends on the individual home, its complexity and design.  To build a home your first step is the Thai architects and you will require the help and guidance of a licenced Thai architect.  Not only do they help you design the home but also make sure it is designed according to regulations and laws.  To apply for legal permissions to build a property in Thailand, the architects drawings must be in Thai, must be drawn up by the licenced Thai architect and licenced Thai engineer; and signed by both the Thai architect and the Thai engineer.  We can do this all for you and help you design your home.  We are very happy to meet with you and assist with the design process. Please contact us at anytime for assistance.

Imagine a world with no houses, no condominiums, no hotels, no resorts, no schools, no temples, no factories, no shopping malls and so the list goes on. Well without architects that is where we would be. They create, design, come up with ideas, form the shape and develop the whole building. They calculate, measure, work out and introduce form, function and detail to buildings. They visualize shapes, colours, angles and size. Many having gone to university for many years to learn the art of architecture and all its many complexities. It is in fact one of the longest university courses you can do, reaching 5 years in some cases. It is a job that is complex and extremely sophisticated in so many ways. There are hundreds of aspects to consider and bringing all the design details together is a long and arduous task.

Buildings only look the way they do because of architects. Along with engineers they create all the instructions, measurement and overall plans for the builder to be able to construct the property. They are a vital ingredient and one never to be underestimated. An architect can make all the difference to your home or project. They influence it in many ways such as how hot it is inside, how much it costs to keep it cool, how the wind flows through it, how enjoyable it is to be within in, how comfortable it is, how it functions and whether it looks pleasing to the eye. It can also influence the sale value, the security and all elements within the building. An architect is vital to any construction project.

Thai architects are no different to any architect in the world. They too have worked hard to become a licenced Thai architect. Good design makes all the difference to your home or whatever project you are doing. Using the right architect is very important and the more experienced they are the better. If you are building a home you could well be living in it with your family for twenty years plus, so the design is most important. It does affect your life and how you feel within the property. The architect influences this and that is why it is paramount you use the services of a good Thai architect.

We at Thailand architect have helped numerous happy clients over the years. We continue to enjoy designing and fulfilling all our new clients needs. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are here ready to assist you. Contact Thailand architects for further information.

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