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To build a home in Thailand you need a Thai architect. You need one that is licensed and registered. Thailand architects can provide this.  In Thailand there are various license levels in Architecture and naturally varying degrees of skill. The more experienced the architect in Thailand the higher the fee they will charge. We at Thailand architects provide a full service and all our Thai architects speak English. To be able to design a home here you must be able to communicate with the architect.

So many people dream of a home in paradise. Thailand is very popular and becoming more popular all the time. With over 15 million visitors a year and thousands of foreigners living here, it is certainly a place people would like to have a home. We at Thailand Architects have helped many people realise this dream. We have assisted people from all over the world. This includes every step of the way and enjoyed all our projects; from small bungalows to large luxury homes. So if you require any help and want to speak to a Thai architect please contact us.

Here is some useful information on architects in Thailand:

Architects License Details- Thailand

The Thai architect and Thai engineer will supply you with their Thai license details, for any documentation required for building permissions. You must use a professional Thai licensed architect to design your home in Thailand and you also need to have the licensed Thai engineer also provide license details too. To apply for legal permissions to build you must have a Thai licensed architect and Thai licensed engineer do the drawings and sign for them; in addition proving their license details to the authorities for it to be acceptable.

Architects Fees in Thailand

Architects fees in Thailand vary according to the architects license level, experience and skills of creativity. It is very similar anywhere in the world where architects charges vary. Architects fees will be charged with consideration to the requirements of the project, the architect’s skills, experience, costs/expenses, and the resources needed to undertake the work, profit and competition.

Before the fee is agreed the architect and client should confirm and understand:

• the project details and services to be provided

• an approximate construction cost

• the project timetable.

The architect should write the project details clearly. This should include their terms and conditions of employment.

Estimates of building costs in Thailand

In the beginning when you choose your Thai architect it is important you understand, it is very difficult to know accurate construction; as none of the required information is available. Because of this, fees and ideas are based on the architects experience, understanding and knowledge of the industry in relation to what it is you wish to do. This is something we have to understand and accept as the way it is done. The architect cannot be entirely accurate and cannot be held responsible as it is impossible to know accurate building costs at the start of a project. This is the same in any country not just Thailand.. Until you have final architect’s drawings and a full list of materials, you will not know accurate costs.

The best way to start is to contact us and we can help you on the journey of designing your house in Thailand.

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