The Process

Hopefully by now, you have decided to send us an e-mail and make contact. We do hope so and welcome your enquiry. Together with you, we are confident we can create something very special and fulfill all your requirements. We care about every project we undertake, whatever the size and we will guide you through the process every step of the way. If you work internationally, currently live overseas, or live far from Bangkok, it is no problem at all, we can assist you via email and have helped numerous clients this way. We cover all locations and have completed design throughout the country.  Below is a simple breakdown of the architectural process. If you have any questions you can contact one of our Thai architects here.

Step One

So once we have received your e-mail we will reply back as soon as possible. This is normally within 24 hours. If it takes a little longer please do not worry. It may be we are on site, or at a project. We will respond back. The first step is to gather all the information about the project, your requirements, the location and land site. Whether it is a retirement villa, luxury house, factory, hotel or resort, our architect needs to know as much as possible.  To help you know what information the architect requires, we can send you our architects questionnaire.  It is a word document, you can easily download and type in your answers. Then simply send it back to us with any attachments we request. Please go to the contact us form to start the process.

Please Note: We will require a copy of the land title deed and photos of the land.

Step Two

On receiving all the information from you, the architect will then start to create a written architectural job description and proposal fee. It is free and without obligation. It will be based on what you have told us, the land location and any details given. This normally takes a maximum of 7 days. Once done we will send it to you via e-mail. It contains all the details and deliverables including a very useful break down of potential areas of the project; based on the size of land/home, the information you supplied us, the architects experience and industry standards. Included too,  will also be the Thai architects projected ‘approximate cost of construction.’ This is a good starting guide and begins the process. It will naturally change and develop as we progress working with you on your project.

Please Note: Final accurate construction cost can only be calculated at the end, once all architectural drawings are completed and all materials know. For an additional fee we can do full Bill of Quantity and costing if requested, once the architectural process is completed. If not you can obtain costing from contractors at the end of the architectural process. In regards this point, it is very important we know your budget to try and help you keep the property within your budget, but naturally changes and development of the design, will of course alter the cost to build. So we can only assist in this, and there are no guarantees on the cost to build, as no one can know the cost to build until all drawings are completed. If your budget is very restrictive, then please do let us know in advance.

Step Three

Once you have had time to look at the architects job description, you can e-mail us or meet to ask any questions. We are happy to assist. If you are happy with the proposal, we can sign it and you send the first deposit invoice. Once received, works begins. We can design via e-mail, meetings, Skype and discuss via the telephone too if required.

Two Main Stages of The Architectural Design: There are two main stages to the architectural design process: Preliminary design and then full technical, detailed construction drawings. This forms the two main parts of the architectural drawings.

1. The Preliminary Design Stage is where we work with you on the master plan, floor plans, elevations and the 3D  perspectives.  This is all about the appearance of the property, orientation, the size of the property, size of individual rooms and their locations. You are closely involved in this and we make changes you request, as we develop the the design. Once we have reached the end of this stage and you are happy, we then go ahead with the second stage. It is important before moving ahead with the second stage you are happy and also the size of the home is going to be within your budget. So if you have a restrictive budget, we do advise telling us and we can do an approximate cost based on general costs per sq.m. Of course there is no guarantee the final cost, but at least we can look at it with you and reduce in size if required. This is the time to do it, as changing at the end involves additional cost and means changing many parts of the drawings.

High Quality 3D renders. Thailand architects can provide standard 3D perspectives to show you how the property could look. This included in our fees. For most clients, especially on single homes, this  is enough. However on some luxury projects and commercial developments, clients would like to see much higher quality visualizations and/or may need them for sales materials.  If you require much higher quality renders, we can do this for an additional fee and our expert render person can do this. They are done at the end of the preliminary design stage if you require them and if you do, please ask us for a quote to do them.

2. The Detailed Construction Drawings Stage: This is where the architect and other professionals start to complete all the detailed technical drawings, such as architectural, structural, engineering, mechanical, electrical, sanitary/plumbing and all details of the property. This takes time and you will be sent drawings to check as the process goes forward. You will be sent for example electrical drawings to check locations and numbers of switches, fans, air con units and power sockets. If you require more, you can inform and we can add them. This stage for a house, can take anywhere from 8-16 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project. Commercial projects can be longer. Once all completed, you will be given a final draft by our architect, via email to check and confirm. If all is completed, as you want it, then final payment is made to us by you. On receiving that payment, we go ahead with providing the final architectural drawings in paper format and  if requested, the AutoCAD files. Our English speaking Thai architect and Thai engineer will also provide their license details, which is necessary for you to make application to build at the local Thai government office. You can now give to the contractor to provide the cost quotation to build. Once you have governmental permission, you can go ahead and build your home.You can contact us too if you have any questions.

Please Note: It is very important the chosen construction contractor is professional and checks all architectural drawings. They must do a full and through examination of all drawings before starting to build and ask any questions to our architects, if they are not sure, or believe there is an issue with construction of the drawings. A professional builder will do this before they build and it is their responsibility to do so, before they start building. Our architect welcomes their communication and is happy to explain anything with them or discuss any aspect of the drawings. A professional builder is essential. Our fees do not include project management.

We will lead you smoothly through both architectural stages and help you every step of the way. You can make changes during the preliminary design stage, give us ideas, choose materials and be involved as much, or as little as you want to be. We will go through everything with you,discuss the main materials, make suggestions and offer as much advice as you need.

We are flexible and happy to work with you. Thank you for coming to our web site. Please contact our architects at anytime to start the process.

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